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Реклама В разделе Вы можете оставлять обьявление об обмене различных игровых принадлежностей , ценностей, артефактов, чаров. Здесь Вы сможете оставить свою рекламу другого сайта, сервера или интернет-проекта, оставить объявление о купле-продаже или любых других услугах.

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По умолчанию PREVIEW - L2 Optimal

We are here to present you the Ultimate Private Line] [Age Server.

We are not “Yet another Line] [Age Server”.

Our main target is to build a stable and growing Community and provide you an exciting way to spend your time playing your favorite MMO-RPG game…

Server is under continuous development from our team which consists of real professionals with years of experience in Private Lineage 2 server development and management. Our dedicated staff has achieved creating a Unique Line] [Age Server focused on PvP fights combined with our Custom Features , which promises an exciting gameplay every last minute you stay online.

Last but not least, our Custom Farming areas are all “Farm and Spoil Zones”, giving the dwarf class, back its worth. So every class has its own use as it used to be in the OLD good times…

Our Stuff desires to fulfill your Expectations.
We hope our Project will get your Support.

Our kind regards,
Line] [Age Optimal Team.

Server's official launch date is on 6th of February '11. For the latest News and Announcements register and check our Forums. http://www.l2optimal.com/

(Website is underconstruction)

Server Rates:

Exp = 75x
SP = 75x
Party Xp = 2.0x
Party Sp = 2.0x
Rate Adena = 75x
Drop Items = 1x
Raid Drop = 1x
Epic Jewels= 2x
Rate Spoil = 1x
Rate Manor = 10x
Rate Siege Guards Price = 10x
RateKarmaExpLost = 2x


EnchantMaxWeapon = 18
EnchantMaxArmor = 16
EnchantMaxJewelry = 16
EnchantChanceWeapon = 77
EnchantChanceArmor = 77
EnchantChanceJewelry = 77
EnchantChanceElement = 50
BlessedEnchantChanceWeapon = 88
BlessedEnchantChanceArmor = 88
BlessedEnchantChanceJewelry = 88
Rate Siege Guards Price = 10x
EnchantSafeMaxFull = 4


AugmentationMidLSSkill Chance = 30
AugmentationHighLSSkill Chance = 50
AugmentationTopLSSkill Chance = 70

Custom Npc`s:

GM Shop
- Full Shop up to s84 Vesper
- Vesper Armor`s are not noble and Weapons without SA
- Craftable Epic Jewels

Global Gatekeeper
Raid Boss Gatekeeper
Scheme Buffer
Server Info
Server Statistics
Service Manager
Forgotten Scroll Trader
Grand Boss Respawn Info
Clan Reputation Manager
Delevel Manager
Agent Girl
Pc Bank Point Trader
Instance Manager
Item Auctioneer


Stable and long lasting Economy
- Currency:

Adena (Untill Level 80)
Gold Einhasad & Silver Shilen (For high grade items)
Festival Adena (1 Spoil Coin = 2 Gold Einhasad or Silver Shilen)

Balanced Classes
- Almost ready

Retail like Olympiad System
- Anti feed protection

Retail like Castle Sieges
- Splited siege dates

Territory Wars retail like

Fortress Sieges
- Knight epaulettes (drop amount: x10)

Offline Shops
- Private Stores Sell/Buy/Craft working with custom currency

No custom items

Active community board

Max subclasses
- 3 Max level: 85

Buff Slots
- 28 + 4 Divine inspiration + 12 Dance/Song

1 Day clan penalties

Grade penalties

No class quest

No subclass quest

No raid Boss quest
- Buyable

Noblesse quest needed
- Hellfire & Lunargent buyable

Grand wedding system

Trade chat is global chat
- Only english chat

Shout chat is global Chat
- Multilanguage chat

Full Gracia epilogue geodata
- http://www.l2geo.com

LameGuard Premium Protection Cooming soon!
- The protection is designed to prevent the activity of all known
IG/OOG game client emulators (L2Walker, L2.NET bots etc), packet emulators
(L2PacketHack etc) without any loss of performance of the game client and server.

Custom Features:

Castle Lord Announce

Hero Announce

Anti Buff Shield
- This shield protects you from buffs casted by other players.

PvP/PK Color System
- 10 Ranks

You can't use BSOE in PvP

Unique Clan Level up instance
- There you can find all that you need to level up your clan.

Unique Attribute Crystal farming system
- Gracia continent (More infos/Guide in our forum)

Unique Soul Crystal Instance
- Here you can obtain Red,Blue & Green Soul Crystal – Stage 16
- Instance Description:
Darc Cloud Mansion with costumised Reward List. (20 - min)

PC Bank Point System
-You can trade PC bank points for Pets/Agathions/Accessories and some other goodies.

Seven Signs Epic Quest
- Custom reward


Fortres Dungeon
Castles Dungeon
Solo Kamaloka
Chamber of Delusion

Epic Bosses:


Farming Area`s:

Isle of Prayer and Chromatic Highlands
- Drop:
Attribute Stones
Attribute Blessings

- Spoil:
Festival Adena

Jinryong`s Throne and Central Square
- Drop:
Gold Einhasad
Giant`s Codex ( 8% Change)

- Spoil:
Festival Adena

Hellbound Town
- Drop:
Gold Einhasad
Life Stone - level 84
Mid-Grade Life Stone - level 84
High-Grade Life Stone - level 84
Top-Grade Life Stone - level 84

- Spoil:
Festival Adena

Spoiler Mine`s
- Drop:

- Spoil:
Stone of Purity
Mold Lubricant
Mold Hardener
Mithril Ore
Oriharukon Ore
Coarse Bone Powder
Durable Metal Plate


Team vs Team Special Edition
- Description:

1.As normal TvT, system starts registration time.
2.When the event starts, participants are teleported in the enterooms.
3.Here players have configurable time to form a party and buff theirselves.
4.After a configurable time the enterooms doors open and the battle starts !
5.So this is repeated for 3 times to make 3 rounds.
6.The team that wins 2 times gets rewarded at the end of the event.

- Event Zone:
Emerald Square

Capture The Flag
- Description:

- Event Zone:
Underground Coliseum

The Gift of Vitality

Maintains vitality at level 4 for 2 hours.
This buff cannot be cancelled, but it will disappear if your character dies.
It can be acquired once per day by speaking to Jack Sage in any town.
Players of all levels may acquire this buff.


Intel Bi Xeon E5530
2x 4x 2x 2.40+ GHz
Intel SSD X25-M 4x 80 Go Raid 0 (lagless)
1x 1000 GB SAS for backups
SwitchPort 1 Gbps
+Hardware Firewall



- Forum Moderator`s

[FM]Open Position
[FM]Open Position
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Старый 03.02.2011, 02:17   #2
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По умолчанию

What hte chrocnicls of serveer , also what the platform??
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Старый 03.02.2011, 14:23   #3
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По умолчанию

So guys, our forum is now launched! Register yourself and feel free to take a look and post there your opinion,
suggestions. This way you keep yourself updated with the progress of our new server L2 Optimal.
We are checking the new posts regularly and are trying our best to support you as fast and as good as we can.
Best regards and see you soon in the forum or in game!

Our kind regards,

Line] [Age Optimal Team.

Добавлено через 3 минуты
@ PaulGreatest : It will be an Epilogue-Server on L2j base, but its actually a project started at 0 and modified by the L2 Optimal Dev-Team

Последний раз редактировалось L2Optimal; 03.02.2011 в 14:26.. Причина: Добавлено сообщение
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Старый 06.02.2011, 19:36   #4
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По умолчанию

Accound manager and system are Online!

Game Server and Login Server will be online in 30 minutes from now!

Don`t miss it!

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Старый 19.02.2011, 15:37   #5
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Регистрация: 19.02.2011
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По умолчанию

Accound manager and system are Online)
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