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Реклама В разделе Вы можете оставлять обьявление об обмене различных игровых принадлежностей , ценностей, артефактов, чаров. Здесь Вы сможете оставить свою рекламу другого сайта, сервера или интернет-проекта, оставить объявление о купле-продаже или любых других услугах.

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По умолчанию L2 Dark Empire ~ 45x L2OFF

First of all, L2 Dark Empire is still under development and offline.

Check out our website: www.l2-de.com

L2 Dark Empire is coming up soon to rock the L2 Community, L2OFF Interlude server.
Open beta phase will be announced soon!
While it, check our server features:

Check out our website: www.l2-de.com

Dark Empire features:
Server Hardware

* Quad Xeon 3220 2.4ghz
* 8GB DDR3 Ram
* 2x 150gb 10k RPM HDDs
* 1gbps uplink port speed

Server Rates

* 45x EXP
* 80x SP
* 100x Adena
* 1x Drop
* 1x Spoil

Server Features

* L2OFF Interlude Server
* Custom Shops
* Global Gatekeeper
* Auto-Learn Skills
* 24 buff slots
* NPC Buffer songs/dances 2 job
* AIO Buffer
* Offline shops system
* Augmentation system
* Complete clan system
* Class manager for 1st, 2nd and 3rd job
* Cursed Weapon System. (Zariche and Akamanah).

New Characters

* Every character borns level 20
* Every character borns in Giran
* Begins with TOP D Grade items
* Begins with Soulshot/Blessed Spiritshot D Package (Double click to unpack)

Nobless Characters

* Every character can start the nobless from the 3rd part
* Subclass is still needed

Raid Bosses

* Baium * From 7 to 9 days.
* Antharas * From 11 to 14 days.
* Valakas * From 11 to 14 days.
* Ant Queen * From 3 to 4 days.
* Zaken * From 3 to 4 days.
* Cabrio * From 3 to 4 hours.
* Further Subclass bosses * From 3 to 4 hours.
* Barakiel * From 3 to 4 days.
* The rest * Retail time

Dark Empire Custom Features
NPC Buffer

* Buffs/Songs/Dances 2 job
* Your pet can be buffed without any problem, just need to select the Pet Option
* NPC Buffers are spawned in Giran only

Olympiad period

* 1 week olympiad period
* You need 10 fights in order to become hero

Apella armor

* Status are a little bit boosted comparing with the usual S grade armors
* You can get it by killing the raid bosses listed below

Chaotic zone

* Will be added in Monastery of Silence 2
* If you get karma, you wont drop anything if you die inside of the delimited area
* Counts PK and PvP points

Offline shops

* Type .offline to open your offline shop
* Doesnt have any requirements to open your shop
* You can log out and still shopping

Custom Zones
Monastery of Silence

* Solo zone
* Drops lower amount of Adena and Ancient Adena
* Drops 1 - 2 weapon token.

Monastery of Silence 2

* Party zone
* Drops higher amount of Adena and Ancient Adena
* Drops 4 - 8 weapon token

Custom Raid Bosses (6 in total)
Drops (Names to be decided)

* High quantity of Ancient Adena
* Apella armors
* SA Weapons
* Blessed enchant scrolls (A & B)

Custom Shops

* D to B Grande unsealed avaliable for Adena
* A Grade sealed -> unsealeable by Ancient Adena and Adena + Sealed part
* S Grade sealed -> unsealeable by Ancient Adena and Adena + Sealed part


* Every weapon is avaliable on the Weapons Shop
* S Grade weapons needs Adena + Ancient Adena to be bought
* To add SA to your S Grade weapon will be needed Adena + Ancient Adena + Weapon Token.

Check out our website: www.l2-de.com

This is our chance to renew the concept of the L2OFF Interlude servers!
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