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Реклама В разделе Вы можете оставлять обьявление об обмене различных игровых принадлежностей , ценностей, артефактов, чаров. Здесь Вы сможете оставить свою рекламу другого сайта, сервера или интернет-проекта, оставить объявление о купле-продаже или любых других услугах.

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Восклицание Lineage 2 Dread International PVP - 30 / 06 / 2015

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-HdHQPuj_Q

Vigor and Dreysor proudly present the feature list of L2Dread! A server brought to you by Interlude lovers, specializing in unique features, balance and stability.

L2Dread Staff guarantees:
* Stability: L2Dread is running at one of the top hosting companies, being DDoS protected at all times.
* Balance: We realize that balance is one of the most important things to take care of in a live game, so we invested hours upon hours into working on it.
* No corruption: Why being corrupted? We have nothing to gain and everything to lose by being corrupted.
* Constant updates: Not much to say about this, you'll see for yourself, just make sure to daily check Changelogs section.

EXP/SP : 1000x
Adena/Drop : 1x
Safe Enchant : +5
Max Enchant : +20
Normal Enchant Scroll Rate : 80% (Up to +16)
Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +16)
Crystal Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +20)
Mid Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 9%
High Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 35%
Top Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 60%
Augment Skill Minimum level : 1 level
Augment Skill Maximum level : 10 level
Augment Skill Stack : 1 active - 1 passive (on 1 class)
Castle Sieges Period : 1 week
Olympiad Hero Period : 1 week
Olympiad : All items count as +5
PVP Count enabled in Sieges and Arenas

Note: Some of the following features are linked with fully explained guides posted on our forum, just click on them!

PVP Token Reward from PVP Kills and Events
Augment Skill Upgrade Level System (Level 1 - 10 )
Altar Boss Spawn System
Individual / Massive Vote Reward System
(Shift + Click) Show Droplist System enabled.
Synergy Killing System (Bishops receive pvp reward too)
Tattoos (Cas.Spd, Atk.Spd, RunSpd)
Grand Bosses Accessories
8 Grand Bosses with auto re-spawn
Raid Bosses with auto re-spawn
PVP / PK Count anti feed protection
HWID / IP Protection
Antibot Guard Protection
Olympiad Anti-Feed Protection
Top PVP/PK color system
APC Champion Mobs
Noblesse Item (Right click to become noblesse)
Hero's Symbol (Right click to become hero for 24 h)
Commands: .online .report .joinevent .leaveevent

Click here to Join the Pre-Opening / Forum Events - Big Rewards!

Nexus Events Reworked (Fully Functional)
Main Events: TVT, CTF, DeathMatch, Domination
Mini Events: 1v1, Party Fights, Korean Fights
TOP PVP Zone Player Event
Lottery Ticket Draw Event
Clan War Event
Hide and Seek / Find the Item Event
Find the Dread Event
Event Bosses
Bloody Sunday Event (Coming Soon)
Relaxing Monday Event (Coming Soon)

Website: http://l2dread.com
Forum: http://l2dread.com/forum
Twitch TV: http://twitch.tv/lineage2dread
VK Page: http://vk.com/l2dread
FB Page: http://facebook.com/l2dread
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