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Гайды, статьи Гайды и статьи по классам персонажей ( ШК, Фантом Рейнджер, дестр, ПП, оверлорд, турант,бишоп, некр,СХ,гладиатор,шаманы), ПВП, олимпиаде, заточке скиллов , тату, рейд боссах и эпик боссах, прохождения квестов , крафт и спойл ресурсов и итеомв различных грейдов; советы и мнения других игроков.

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По умолчанию Патчим systemmsg

many people want to change colors of system chat messages, you can use either some utils, like l2asm/disasm, l2 fileedit, lineage utils, or decipher file with l2encdec, and edit it with hexedit, or other editor (i didn't recomend notepad, or wordpad). i hope, you'll find this info usefull either you want to build own tool to edit this file, or u will be editing it manualy, or u are simply curious.

you may find some info about this file also in l2asm/disasm tool, but it's very brief.

first 4 bytes is count of messages in file, it's unsigned int32.
next comes messages, one after another.
structure of message is following
Unsigned Int32 id;
Unsigned Int32 unknown; // 01 00 00 00
String message;
Unsigned Int32 group;
4 Bytes rgba;
String item_sound;
String sys_msg_ref;

Unsigned Int32 id;
Unsigned Int32 unknown; // 01 00 00 00
String message;
Unsigned Int32 group;
4 Bytes rgba;
String item_sound;
String sys_msg_ref;
5 bytes on_screen_attrib;
String on_screen_msg;
String source;

id - ID of message - messages are numbered ascending, with unique ID, and incement 1 (so, number of messages is also ID o last message)
unknown - 4 bytes, which i still didn't decipher, and didn't found any info about, but for every messages it's in hex 01 00 00 00
message - unicode text of message, can be also ansi, for localized version. it's null terminated string. if you are editing this manualy structure is simple
ANSI first byte - number of message characters, second byte - for ansi, here starts the message text, after message there is 00 (null character)
UNICODE first byte - number of characters, second byte is 01, next message follows, every char ocupies 2 bytes, after message there is 00 (null character)
group - message source group (see explanation for source field)
rgba - it's color of message in order Red,Green,Blue,Alpha Channel (mostly is alpha not used)
item_sound - name of sound resource, it's in form sourcefile.itemname, eg. ItemSound3.sys_failed means, that message has assigned sound sys_failed, from ItemSound3.uax file
sys_msg_ref - system message refference - not sure, but possibly message that triggers additional action in client (like, class change, when you get mail, etc.)

as of interlude, there are new attributes
on_screen_attrib - you know that big message, which appears, when match on olympiad started, castle siege started, etc.? this is 5 bytes, related to that message
1st byte - position on screen, if you divide screen to 3x3 matrix, then start numbering from left in row, skipp left down, because there is chat window, it looks like
1 2 3
4 5 6
X 7 8
2nd byte - currently don't know, but on every message it's 0
3rd byte - duration of message (eg. how long is diplayed, in seconds)
4th byte - didn't succesfully decipher, but if it's 1, then message appears, if any other number, message is not displayed
5th byte - didn't successfully deciphered, mostly set to 0, for some messages is set to 1
on_screen_message - this is text, of that big message, format is the same, as for normal message (see above)
source - ansi message, which identifies source of message, this part is also related to message group (see above)
group - source - explanation
0 - none - messages without source (or class if you prefer that term)
0 - siege - castle/fortress siege related messages
1 - battle - nondamage combat messages (successfull defense, critical hit, miss, etc.)
2 - server - general server messages
3 - damage - didn't need explanation (you make damage, you take damage)
4 - popup - message is displayed in popup window
5 - error - if any action produces error, here you go (cancel trade, failed invitation, failed login, etc.)
6 - petition - use of petition system
7 - useitems - didn't need explanation (eg. use shots, potions, enabled shots, equip armor, etc.)

if you have any aditional info, about items, that i have not deciphered yet, or any corrections, you are welcome.

Полезная информация для тех, кто любит красить чат под себя. В частности, лично я давно искал описания on_screen_attrib.
Что нам это дает: например можно вывести большими буквами на экран, информацию о прохождении/непрохождении дебафа(очень полезно на олимпе)

Источник: http://www.postpacific.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=10505
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По умолчанию

стандартный оффоский системснг является как бэ лучшим :-p
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