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Хорошо [L2OFF - C6] L2Azure x25 CTAPT: 2016-01-08



EXP/SP: x25
Adena x15
Drop: x15
Spoil: x10
Seal Stones: x10
Raidboss: x10
Grand Boss: x1


Autoloot: ON
GmShop: Up to B-grade
Skills: Autolearn
Buff Slots: 20+4 (You need divine inspiration to learn them)
NpcBuffer: Full buffs
Buff time: 2h

Profession changes:

First class - 100k
Second class - 3 kk
Third class - 10kk + 700 Halisha Marks
Marks are obtained by killing mobs in Shrine of Loyalty


Cabrio Infernum scepter
Golkonda Infernum scepter
Hallate Infernum scepter
Kernon Infernum scepter
All scepters are tradable/sellable and can be taken multiple times by talking to the boxes spawn after killing the raidbosses and paying 3kk for each one


50kk Adena
nobless pass - obtained by the party that last hits barakiel, you must best at least 75 (max level 80) and on subclass to obtain it
nobless pass is tradable/sellable

Quests with x10 drop:

Supplier of Reagents
The Finest Food
The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
The Finest Ingredients - Part 2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
Zero hour
An Ice Merchant's Dream
Clean up the Swamp of Screams
Yoke of the Past
In Search of Fragments of Dimension
Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe
A Powerful Primeval Creature
Matras' suspicious request
Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2
Legacy of Insolence
Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2

Quests with x5 drop:

War with Ketra Orcs
War with Varka Silenos

All Quest rewards have increased adena/exp/sp to: х10

Except: Dangerous Seduction - adena x1

Castles & Sieges:

Every week: saturday at 18:00, sunday at 20:00 ;

Olympiad cycle:

1 weeks cycle
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