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Оффтопик Топик для обсуждения любых тем, не касающихся мира Lineage : музыка, фильмы, интересные события, обсуждения других игровых проектов, творчество и многое другое.

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По умолчанию [L2J] [C6] L2Dread

Vigor and Dreysor proudly present the feature list of L2Dread! A server brought to you by Interlude lovers, specializing in unique features, balance and stability.

L2Dread Staff guarantees:
* Stability: L2Dread is running at one of the top hosting companies, being DDoS protected at all times.
* Balance: We realize that balance is one of the most important things to take care of in a live game, so we invested hours upon hours into working on it.
* No corruption: Why being corrupted? We have nothing to gain and everything to lose by being corrupted.
* Constant updates: Not much to say about this, you'll see for yourself, just make sure to daily check Changelogs section.
* Unique gameplay: L2Dread is not a custom server, however it's not retail as well since we have unique features. Just test it and try to name it!


EXP/SP : 1000x
Adena/Drop : 1x
Safe Enchant : +5
Max Enchant : +20
Normal Enchant Scroll Rate : 80% (Up to +16)
Blessed Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +16)
Crystal Enchant Scroll Rate : 100% (Up to +20)
Mid Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 9%
High Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 35%
Top Lifestone Skill Success Rate : 60%
Augment Skill Minimum level : 1 level
Augment Skill Maximum level : 10 level
Augment Skill Stack : 1 active - 1 passive (on 1 class)
Castle Sieges Period : 1 week
Olympiad Hero Period : 1 week
Olympiad : All items count as +5
PVP Count enabled in Sieges and Arenas


PVP Token Reward from PVP Kills and Events
Augment Skill Upgrade Level System (Level 1 - 10 )
Altar Boss Spawn System
Individual / Massive Vote Reward System
(Shift + Click) Show Droplist System enabled.
Synergy Killing System (Bishops receive pvp reward too)
Tattoos (Cas.Spd, Atk.Spd, RunSpd)
Grand Bosses Accessories
8 Grand Bosses with auto re-spawn
Raid Bosses with auto re-spawn
PVP / PK Count anti feed protection
HWID / IP Protection
Antibot Guard Protection
Olympiad Anti-Feed Protection
Top PVP/PK color system
APC Champion Mobs
Noblesse Item (Right click to become noblesse)
Hero's Symbol (Right click to become hero for 24 h)
Commands: .online .report .joinevent .leaveevent


Nexus Events Reworked (Fully Functional)
Main Events: TVT, CTF, DeathMatch, Domination
Mini Events: Single Player Fights (1v1), Party Fights, Korean Fights
TOP PVP Zone Player Event
Lottery Ticket Draw Event
Clan War Event
Hide and Seek / Find the Item Event
Find the Dread Event
Event Bosses
Bloody Sunday Event (Coming Soon)
Relaxing Monday Event (Coming Soon)

Website: http://l2dread.com
Forum: http://l2dread.com/forum
FB Page: http://facebook.com/l2dread
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