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Серверная часть Полезная информация, мануалы для администраторов, программистов и разработчиков программного обеспечения по сборке серверов всех возможных хроник Lineage, важнаая информация о Web-сайтах для Ваших серверов. Ссылки на скачивание, скрины и советы по установке Вашего сервера. Настройка необходимой конфигурации, установка и коррекция правильной работы сервера. Информация об установке основных скриптов, диалогов, разработка и коррекция геодаты, инструменты и софт для удобной работы с серверами (ссылки на MsSql ,установочные программы), документы, мануалы по установке и редактирования файлов офф-серверов.

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По умолчанию LINEAGE 2 WOW HI5 MID PVP X 30


18st December 2016 Beta open

24st December 2016 Grand opening

We guarantee successful start, the highest online community, and stable work of the project!

Basic Information
Experience Rates: x30
SP Rates: x30
Adena: x 15
Party Exp: x 1.5
Party SP: X 1.5

Enchant Rates
Safe +3 for armor
Safe +3 for weapons

Max +15 for armor
Max +15 for weapons

Blessed Max Enchant +10 for Armor
Blessed Max Enchant +14 for Weapons
Ancient Enchant Crystal Max Enchant+15 for Armor(65% but item wont go to 0 after fail, The existing enchant value is retained)
Ancient Enchant Crystal Max Enchant+15 for Weapons(65% but item wont go to 0 after fail, The existing enchant value is retained)

General Information
- Auto loot
- Buff slots 24+4
- Subclass & Class Change Free
- Sieges & Manors working Retail like
- Skills & classes based on retail balance
- Flawless Geo data & Path nodes
- Max sub classes 3
- Subclass LvL Max 85
- Server Economy

- Retail World no customs Areas

- Custom Drop Rewards
- Retail Epic Bosses with Custom Drop Rewards
-Unique Features-
- Unique Powerful Community Board with everything inside.
- All High Five features are working.
- All bosses/instances tested and working retail-like.
- All quests tested and working retail-like.
- Classes have been balanced and will be balanced if its required .
- Champion Mobs with several varieties.
- Scheme Buffer: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS. Buff time: 2 hours.
- Item Auction: Put your items for auction to be bid and bought by other players.
- Powerful ranking System. If you are best at something the others will see it.
- Event Engine: Grand Events - CTF,TVT,KOTH,NCTF. : Mini Events - Bombers, Elimination, Zombie, Flipper.
- GM Shop up to low S-grade.
- Anti-Bot protection.
- Anti-DDOS protection.

Voiced Commands:

.findparty - Easy find of party for farm/exp.
.report - Command made so players can report abusers,exploiters and etc.
.offline - Set your shop in offline mode.
.security - Protection for your character.
.clan - Clan leader allow selected players to withdraw items from clan warehouse.
.whoami - Detailed information about your character.
.online - Shows online players
.openatod - Used to open large number of ATODs
.npcspawn - Manages the spawned NPCs into your clanhall.
.getreward - Get your vote reward.
.ping - Check your latency to the server
.offline - Sets your shop to offline mode.
.siege/castle - Siege information.
.cfg - Character configuration panel.
.changepassword - Changes your account's password.
.repair - Repairs a character that is stucked on loading screen.
Many others are available, just check the help section of the community board.

Custom Features

Custom Drop System

At retail Lineage 2 Drop System We Put 3 Custom Box With Possible Random Rewards like :

Blue Box Can Farm it at lvl 76-79 monsters possible loot Dynasty Armors And weapons

Green Box Can Farm it at lvl 79-83 monsters possible loot Moirai Armors And Icarus weapons

Gold Box Can Farm it at lvl 83-85 monsters possible loot Vesper Armors And weapons

Custom Bosses Drop

All bosses are retail official like But we give extra drop chance at players with Raid Boss Box Can possible loot :Blessed Scroll Armor - Weapon And
Ancient Enchant Crystal Scrolls for Weapons and Armors (65% item wont go to 0 after fail, The existing enchant value is retained)

Custom Automate Events

There will be automatically 15 different events every 2 hours.

CTF,TVT,KOTH,NCTF. : Mini Events - Bombers, Elimination, Zombie, Flipper.
More unique features & Updates coming.

Website :http://l2worldofwitchcraft.com

Forum :http://l2worldofwitchcraft.com/forum

Facebook :https://www.facebook...rldofwitchcraft
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